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This British gallery reps one of the art world’s biggest hoaxes. Now it is coming to Art Miami.

The Connor Brothers were one of the most mysterious artists in the art world. There was a good reason.
The Connor Brothers were one of the most mysterious artists in the art world. There was a good reason.

Ever heard of The Connor Brothers?

Art world insiders have.

They are a pair of American twins that escaped an extremist Christian cult known as “The Family” and went on to create art in order to adapt to their newly discovered freedom.

A real “Kimmy Schmidt” situation, except instead of unbreakable optimism, they used their witty pop art to help them understand their new world. Their work sold alongside Banksy and Damien Hirst at Christie’s. One piece of theirs fetched  £9,375 at at London auction house Bonhams in 2014, which was way more than the fine art dealers expected.


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But it turned out that The Connor Brothers were actually two art dealers from London, named Mike Snelle and James Golding, that were both dealing with mental health issues. They held up their ruse for about 18 months before coming clean. (Read their fascinating story here.)

London based Maddox Gallery will be bringing the artists work to Art Miami this year. The Connor Brothers (or Mike and James) will also be in attendance from the UK.

Also in the Maddox line up is New York based Bradley Theodore. Dubbed “The A list’s favorite artist” by ES Magazine, Bradley Theodore’s vibrant Dia de los Muertos skull paintings are now widely collected all over the world. High profile collectors of Theodore’s work include actresses Alyssa Milano, Salma Hayek, singer Adele and actor Adrien Brody.

Bradley Theodore is known for his Día de los Muertos pop art.

Maddox will also bring LA based street artist RETNA, debuting new artwork at Art Miami from his successful solo show MARGRAVES as well as new and previously unseen artwork from Michael Moebius, famous for his bubblegum portraits of iconic pop culture figures. Also in the show with Maddox Gallery in Miami will be the engrossing photography of David Yarrow, the world’s leading wildlife photographer.

Maddox Gallery’s exhibit will be located in booth A. 228 at Art Miami.