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Meghan Trainor is more than that ‘bass’

The aliens know it's all about that bass.
The aliens know it's all about that bass.

Excuse Meghan Trainor for being “All About That Bass.”

The 20-year-old Bostonian has been reveling in the success of her catchy, embrace your curves anthem, which has twerked to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two straight weeks.

And, she promises a few more songs when she performs, along with Weston artist Jake Miller, and Fifth Harmony, at Fontainebleau Miami Beach (4441 Collins Ave.) Friday night.


With more than 75 million YouTube views and even a mom-approved parody, playfully titled “I Just Need Some Space,” Trainor’s hit has had quite the impact – in more ways than one.

“I saw a comment that said, ‘your music saves lives, did you know that?’” Trainor said.

The song’s focus on positive self-esteem, which includes the lyrics “every inch of you is perfect,” has had girls seeking advice from Trainor on social media. One girl dealing with depression over her body type, Trainor said, stopped cutting herself after hearing her song.

“They’re really comfortable with me,” she said.

Beyond the “bass,” Trainor released a four-song EP, called “Title,” (yes, really) on Sept. 9.

She laughed when she talked about the origins of “Dear Future Husband,” a track with tunes full of chivalry. Trainor said she always jokes with her father that her future husband is out there somewhere, “chilling.”

The rest of the EP, which includes the “bass” hit, takes on themes “not a lot of people think about,” like commitment and staying true to one’s self.

And, that is just the beginning. Trainor does not have a date yet for a full album, but she said a tour is being talked about for after the holidays. (The Cape Cod native also told us that John Legend recently jumped on one of her tracks. So, look out for that!)

Regardless, it all comes back to the “bass,” even if it’s still new to her, in terms of live performances.

“I’ve only sang it seven times,” she said. “It’s all been so fast.”