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These are the best (and the worst) songs to listen to when you are stuck in Miami’s hellish traffic

We've rounded up the songs you should be playing in your car so you don't catch a case in these streets.
We've rounded up the songs you should be playing in your car so you don't catch a case in these streets.

It’s about 6:35 p.m., you’re trapped on the Palmetto (or whatever frustrating expressway you need to take to get home) and don’t want to hear “Despacito” or listen to another podcast about “Game of Thrones.”

So as part of’s #MiamiTrafficWeek here’s a guide to a few songs that should put a smile on your face, bring you some joy or get you dancing if you decide to open up Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music (or Google Play Music if that’s your thing, no judgement).

We’ve also included a few tracks that you’ll want to avoid so you don’t end up ramming into the well-meaning driver of a Toyota Prius or cutting off a sweet abuela because you can’t take any more gridlock.


DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil’ Wayne- I’m the One

DJ Khaled’s out-sized personality might not seem like the most soothing thing as you sit in traffic but the bouncy beat and playful flows from Chance the Rapper and Quavo should be enough to make you ignore the person that just changed four lanes in one move.

Stevie Wonder– Sir Duke

Even if playing air saxophone isn’t your go-to dance move, this song’s funky vibes should be enough to make any long, congested ride on the Dolphin Expressway a little more tolerable.

Kendrick Lamar- HUMBLE.

One of the main causes of road rage is drivers feeling like they’ve got to go Mad Max on anybody that cuts them off or drives a little too slow (looking at you confused Uber drivers). This track from Kendrick Lamar bumps hard enough to keep you awake but also sends a message about humility that should keep you from flipping the bird.

Celia Cruz- La Vida es un Carnaval

It’s probably not advisable to pull over on the Palmetto and start salsa dancing to this track but that shouldn’t stop you from moving your hips a little to this classic song. Maybe roll the windows down and invite your fellow stressed driver to join in!

Pharrell Williams- Happy

Unless you’re the person that became tired of this song in the summer of 2014, then this one is pretty self explanatory. Clap along to the beat and don’t let three right lanes of I-95 being closed for construction bring your mood down.


Motorhead- Ace of Spades

This song will likely make you think your car is some sort of demolition machine out of Speed Racer and probably isn’t the most calming choice for a hot day in afternoon gridlock. Unless the late, great Lemmy’s signature growl brings you peace.

Ludacris ft. Disturbing tha Peace, I-20 and Mystikal- Move B–tch

Whether you’re riding down Biscayne Boulevard or Calle Ocho, it’s probably not a good idea to have a song with lyrics like “I’m doing a hundred on the highway. So if you do the speed limit, get the f–k outta my way” blasting from your speakers.

Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne- The Motto

The motto of this song is that you only live once, which is fine if you decide to go bungee jumping or sky-diving but please leave me and my Chevy Aveo out of your daredevil driving. Unlike Drake, who boasted that he was “25 sitting on $25 mil” the rest of us can’t afford that insurance hike after an accident.

Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX- I Love It

Another example of lyrics that could really drive up your insurance rates. This song on two (!!) occasions mentions crashing a car into a bridge. The temptation to do that instead of driving down Okeechobee Road might be a little too much so it’s probably better to avoid this girl power anthem.

Guns ‘n’ Roses- Welcome to the Jungle

Much like the Motorhead song, this one will likely make you imagine your fellow motorists as obstacles that need to be rammed off the road. The song literally ends with Axl Rose howling “it’s gonna bring you down” which is probably not the motivation you need to get home in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Miami Traffic Week Spotify Playlist