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Lost Boy Dry Goods

Downtown just got more denim-centric, Miami.

How so? Lost Boy Dry Goods recently opened shop on E. Flagler Street and the boutique is brimming with jeans, shirts, and accessories for both ladies and gents.

Named after a beloved ski run in Vail, Colorado, the shop is the brainchild of brothers Brian and Randy Alonso. The merchandise? Think affordable emerging brands to high-end designer jeans and more.

“Our vision for Downtown is a truly unique and historic shopping district, one that sets itself apart from other neighborhoods in the city but stays true to the heritage of Miami,” Co-Founder Randy says. “We believe that Lost Boy Dry Goods is the next step to continue to grow our vision.” Along with a dazzling spread for both men and women, the brothers went to great lengths with design and curation to ensure that Lost Boy Dry Goods was more than just another shop on the street.

Replete with pieces gleamed from thrift stores, the shop exudes a good ol’ American and Western vibe. The walls of Lost Boy Dry Goods are swathed in old paintings of ex-presidents, deer antlers from Texas, and come equipped with custom library shelves and a rolling ladder. Paying attention to every detail, the brothers used reclaimed wood from Tennessee, and use a beautifully weathered baby grand piano as the workbench to display denim. And don’t be surprised if you feel at home in Lost Boy Dry Goods — the brothers confess that family furniture and home props have found their way into the shop.

Come get lost, locals.