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Camming Con brings cam girls, industry to Miami Beach

Little Red Bunny made a name for herself as one of the top cam girls on the internet.
Little Red Bunny made a name for herself as one of the top cam girls on the internet.

The Internet ushered in a new era for porn, where piracy became rampant and free DIY videos go viral. But the technology that once threatened porn’s bottomline has also created new vehicles for pleasure seekers to get their jollies, like camming, a virtual peep show that allows for an interactive sensual experience with a real person who will indulge the user’s fantasies (for $3.99 a minute).

Camming has become such an ubiquitous niche of the adult entertainment industry – likely a billion dollar industry according to a New York Times report –  that this week Miami Beach’s Eden Roc Hotel plays host to the first ever Camming Con, an industry event to promote camming complete with seminars, meet and greets and vendors. 

What goes on during a camming session? That depends on who is in front of the camera. A five-year veteran like LittleRedBunny, winner of the 2014 AVN Award  for “Favorite WebCam Girl” and “Best CamGirl” at TheSexAwards in 2013, creates a 1920s speakeasy feel with mood lighting and dons pin-up chic unmentionables. She dances around to vintage jazz music for her thousands of followers in the free chats and then leaves them to handle her private clients, who pay between $3.99 and $5.99 per minute to watch the petite redhead with porcelain white skin act out any number of fantasies before their eyes. LittleRedBunny chatted with us (via telephone) before her visit to Miami for the event.

How did you get involved in camming?

I was looking around the Internet for work and I came across a camsite and I said, “Huh.” Then I said, “Why don’t I try that?” I decided to try it out, give it at least a week or two. Finally I liked it and I explored it and I got used to it and got comfortable with it and it took over.

Is it physically demanding?

It’s tiring mentally because there is so much multitasking. I do the music, I do the dancing I do the lighting, you have to do all these things while handling 20 conversations at the same time. A very short night for me would be like eight hours, both public and private sessions. There was a time last year when I had tons of privates that were like 12 hours long. My longest was 19 hours with one member.

If I do a lot of free chat, I get tired faster. If the night is busy I don’t see time go by at all. In the privates, it’s not always super physical, it can be conversation. You become close and intimate with the people you get to know, with people who have fantasies you just understand what they enjoy, you develop the complicity. It’s more and more a real exchange.

Are you one-woman operation?

It’s just me. I used to see when I started a girl who would have a boyfriend typing for her, but that’s just weird if you know there’s a dude behind the camera while you are on camera with a girl.


What do you think makes you unique?

A lot of girls have a different approach and style. Some girls try to work on many sites. I like to be personal with people – I decided to focus on one place ( If you are comfortable, it’s going to attract people. I think you develop your own crowd. I used to have a lot of complaints about my room, so I would say “No, it’s fine like this!” It’s artistic. I do what I like the way I like it. Once you are comfortable, it’s vindication. There is not a recipe, there are a lot of hours of work and keeping my integrity and growing my own crowd. Now people know what to expect. You don’t just come in and look pretty and the cash is going to come in. Maybe famous porn stars can log on and have a huge crowd. Some people are busy because guys want to f-them, but I don’t know if they manage to keep it up.

Has anything bizarre ever happened while you were in front of your webcam?

Technical issues can happen; a light bulb exploded; my shoe wore out and because it was loose it flew off and hit my lampshade. All kinds of stuff can happen. My mouse broke the other day, and I couldn’t do anything so I was stuck online! I cannot do anything! We have a rule on Jasmin that you can’t leave your camera unattended, so while I was gone my members were talking together while they were looking at the stuffed bunny I keep on my bed. It’s white, though. I should get a red one. 

What’s the weirdest thing a client has ever asked you to do?

A lot of people have a lot of variety in their fetish. I was very curious about it. I was trying to understand what’s their turn on. I like discovering that and playing along and I have had many surprises.

Has anybody ever made you scared?

It rarely happens that people can shock me. I think people who have extreme expectations are aware of it, I don’t pretend that I am going to provide them with what they want. If I can find a way to find pleasure around what they want they walk away happy.

What would you say is the number one taboo for cam girls?

Do not lose your integrity. You need your self-respect all the time. Sometimes people want to please others so they cross their boundaries. Sometimes you can get lost. 

Any advice about safety?

You have to stay relatively vague about certain things for your own safety.  

Are you in a relationship? If so, how does your significant other feel about this job?

If you want to know very private things about me you have to do a private session with me! I don’t answer these questions in my public rooms so I can’t answer that for a website! If the girl is working all the time, she’s going to have a hard time finding time for a boyfriend. I presume if a girl had a relationship before they would discuss it before.  

How did it feel to win the awards?

I was very very shocked. I did not expect that. I thought of not going to either of these events. The other nominees are very famous in the porn industry, they have tons of followers on Twitter. I didn’t even have a Twitter! I really did not expect to win. That was a shock. It’s very flattering. Everyone apparently was like “Who the hell is that girl?” Nobody had heard of me in the actual adult industry. But I have easily 2,000 to 4,000 guests online watching me so I know a lot of people know me. I did work very hard. I started at the bottom and I was doing something like nobody else. People voted for me! I was very touched.

How did you develop the style for your cam room?

I did not want to just provide sex. I put my personality upfront, technically speaking, even though I don’t talk about my personal life. So I started in my living room, it has warm lighting. I’m already using vintage and wood furniture, I always had that taste. I keep the lighting dim because I like the sensuality and the foreplay. It’s important for me to be comfortable. It has to feel like its real.

Would you ever do porn?

I personally like the medium [of camming] because nobody touches me and I don’t touch anybody. The real interaction and the social interaction is what I enjoy. To me doing movies is a total different context. You have to interact with a person that you maybe never would want to put in your bed. I’m alone in my room in privacy so I can put myself in the mood. I feel like I give more to people than just doing sex in a movie. Doing real movies as an actor in a mainstream movie would be a challenge. Even though I share online with people for me it remains kind of private.

I suppose you do plenty of acting during office hours.

I’m a great actor. Sometimes people need me to act. It’s a challenge. People would ask me to be mean, or more angry. I am not a mean person, but I would do

it and afterwords I would have to say sorry! I’ve learned through the years to do it. I have seen so much that I am comfortable with it.

So camming must be a good business?

I’m doing really well. Way better than working at Starbucks.

How long do you think you would be doing this?

I was talking to the owners of Livejasmin, they said that the girls come and go. The career of a [cam] girl is short – they are studying, they get a job, then they peak and drop. It comes and goes. It can be a year or two and then it drops off. I’m on my way to six years. It’s obviously not something you can do forever. You gotta do it while it’s thriving. You have to know how to adapt and take the opportunity when it comes. I could have just kept hiding in here and not gotten involved outside my bedroom. I don’t know where it’s going to lead me but I am open. Some people have seen me change over these five years. Since sex is not my only topic – which it is in porn – I have members who are around me who want more than just sex. 

Does your family know that you do this?


Would they be upset?

We will see in time! I don’t know what to expect but we will see in time. My family always respected my decisions.