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Wanna see something cool when it rains on Lincoln Road?

Miami’s very own post modern cartoon expressionist David Le Batard, better known by hipsters as LEBO, has taken over Lincoln Road for the summer with both a pop-up shop at 1674 Meridian Ave. and “Raintertainment,” an activation going on now through July on the streets of Lincoln Road in which poem verses and accompanying graphics will be displayed via a special solution called Rainworks, which only appears when it rains.

Lincoln Road Raining Poetry 3 – 1

There will be two separate Raintertainment series, both written by Elysa D. Batista. “South Beach Fortune Cookies” will be single-line aphorisms or prophecies pertaining to South Beach. “Lincoln Road Haikus” will follow the traditional Japanese format. Accompanying graphics, designed by Lebo and AMLgMATD’s Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova, will be added in different points on Lincoln Road as well.

“Poetry and visual art are linked in many ways. In their best sense, both try to cast light on the things that make us human. In my work in particular, words play a big part in delivering the complete message of what I’m trying to relate,” Le Batard says.

Rainworks solutions are completely non-toxic, environmentally safe, and biodegradable. On average, a Rainwork lasts two to four months and can be safely removed by applying an environmentally-friendly cleaner, giving good reason for art lovers and cool kids to do rain dances all summer long.

The pop-up shop is all-weather, and will be open until the end of December.

LEBO Pop-Up Shop Miami Beach May 2017
LEBO Pop-Up Shop Miami Beach May 2017 Jason Koerner LEBO Pop-Up Shop 1674 Meridian A

“Opening this pop up store on South Beach, in some ways, brings my career around full circle. I grew up on Miami Beach and it has definitely shaped who I am as an artist,” Le Batard told us. “Thankfully I get to travel around the world and keep growing as an artist, but having this space here on the beach is a way to stay active in the city that helped shape me. “

Lebo Pop-Up Shop, 1674 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach;