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Turn these Miami Gems into regular spots

Only in Miami: Brothers & Brawlers is a combination coffee shop, motorcycle shop and men's tailor.
Only in Miami: Brothers & Brawlers is a combination coffee shop, motorcycle shop and men's tailor.

Miami’s growing fast. It’s time to discover more places and introduce them to your friends. If you really want to support the city’s cultural evolution, be curious about all the amazing things right in front of you. These are local spots that deserve to have their time in the limelight, so take our word for it and pay them a visit (or three!).

3. Fufi’s Restaurant

Three words: tacos, pizza, empanadas. The brand-new locale features all hand-made dishes oozing with the kind of rich flavors only home cooking can create. Fresh ingredients and a cozy atmosphere, this place will become a go-to the moment you sink your teeth into that slice. Don’t be surprised to find Fufi herself, who went from a pop-up to a brick & mortar, decorating the intimate bistro with her bubbly and infectious personality.

Fufi’s Restaurant, 4600 NE Second Ave., Miami;

4600 NE Second Ave., Miami

4. Threefold Café

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One great example of a small business making a big mark on the city is this classic-style coffee shop. Just the right amount of cozy and inviting, their mornings are flooded with light and their evenings offer a mouth-watering array of gourmet plates. With their flagship Coral Gables location soon to have a promenade at its doorstep, we suggest making this place a regular spot before the secret is out.

Threefold Café, 141 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, 305-704-8007,

141 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables

5. ACME Lounge

Nestled within the burgeoning Arts + Entertainment District neighborhood, this 1970s hangout is easily one of the coolest underground bars we have. The inside is sultry with low vintage seating and eclectic lighting, it’s perfect for a conversation you don’t want overheard. Outside, a romantic courtyard awaits you with fresh pizza and handmade cocktails, all underneath the growing anchor to the neighborhood.

Acme Lounge, 70 NE 17th ST., Miami;

70 NE 17th ST., Miami

6. Mina’s Mediterraneo

When we think of home cooking, this MiMo spot is the first to come to mind. Low-key and full of space, you’ll travel halfway across the world with each dish. Not only is owner, Yasmine, as cultured as they come, but the vibe she’s been able to create along such a busy causeway is inspiring to say the least. Come for the Moroccan pizza and a glass of red wine, but stay for the candlelit garden with live music every weekend. Their cocktails are also top notch.

Mina’s Mediterraneo, 749 NE 79th St., Miami;

749 NE 79th St., Miami