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Tips for Runway Ready Hair in Miami from Christy Silvia of Ford Artists

While Miami can be a heavenly place to live or visit, it can be hellish on hair. Stifling heat, scorching sunlight, intense humidity and damaging saltwater and chlorine can wreak havoc on anyone’s hairstyle. We spoke with Ford Artists hair stylist and Miami native Christy Silvia, one of Miami’s top hair stylists, to ask her tips on how to keep your tresses looking tres chic in the Miami heat for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim and beyond. 
What are some tips to protect your hair from the Miami humidity?

Humidity affects hair on a much greater scale if the hair is dry or damaged. Deep conditioning treatments once a week will help manage frizz; my favorite is Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. I live for this stuff!
What tips do you have for maintaining your styling despite the sweat and heat?

 Miami is difficult on hair; our summers are brutal. If you want to style your hair smooth, you’ll have to put in extra time into blow drying your hair. Make sure you completely dry if you want your style to stay locked in. If you have natural waves, rock them! Don’t try to fight the wet summer. You’ll just dry out your tresses. Stay away from gel or mousse as they have too much alcohol and cause dryness. Instead, use creams or pomades to keep your waves hydrated; my pick is Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream.
How would you recommend styling your hair for the beach and pool?

I love a classic ponytail or top knot at the beach. It’s just too damn hot to have your hair down in Miami when you’re at the beach. If you have shorter hair and can’t do either of those, I recommend bright colorful headbands and/or scarves tied as a headband.  After your day in the water, try not to tie your hair back if it’s wet as it is much weaker in this condition and can cause breakage. If you are going to tie it back, use a soft scrunchie and tie it loosely.
How do you protect your hair from damage while at the beach or pool?

Before you style it, you should protect it from the sun like you would your skin. There are many brands out there that make spray SPF for the hair. Kiehl’s makes one you can throw right in your beach bag that’s a lightweight mist and smells delish!  If you’re going in the water, I recommend wetting your hair with fresh water first. as hair is like a sponge, once it has absorbed fresh water it won’t drink up as much salt water or chlorine from the pool which cause dryness.
What hair tips should everyone follow?

Conditioning treatments. Always. Get trims on a regular basis to remove stressed out ends, every 3 months on average. And brush your hair people!!! No one brushes their hair anymore. It’s crazy. Your scalp produces all the natural oils that your hair needs. Our job is to distribute that oil to the rest of the strand. Use a natural boar bristle brush and spread those nutrients.