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Cherub brings danceable beats to Bardot on Saturday

Electro-pop duo Cherub made a splash last year with the release of their debut album Man of the Hour; the LP spawned their viral hit single “Doses & Mimosas”, which is probably the most danceable song about drinking to forget one’s problems. While the band hails from Nashville, their sound hues closer to the Miami’s glittery EDM scene than Nashville’s country scene. They cite Pharrel and Prince as inspiration for their infections pop songs. We caught up with bandmates Jordan Kelly and Jason Huber ahead of their performance this Saturday at Bardot.

How did you guys meet?

We met while we were both going to school at Middle Tennessee State University outside of Nashville. We were both studying music production and after a handful years being in the area, we were both working with different projects and after Jordan laid down most of Man of the Hour, he came to me with the project and we decided to take it on the road.

Where does your name come from?

Jordan: I had never heard of the word before and I heard somebody use that to describe a picture of a really cute baby and I just liked the word. It was very short and it came easy enough to pronounce but somehow people will still butcher the name. Like, everyone calls it not cherub but it’s okay, I just liked the word and it kind of stuck.

How would you say your sound has evolved from your debut record to your most recent album?

Jordan: It’s really just a matter of not being afraid to try new things and hopefully being able to build off the sound we created. We never want to alienate the fan base we already created by just throwing a curveball at them completely. It’s about making our sound bigger and better and more interesting.

Although your band is from Nashville, your sound sounds far removed from the music that most people associate Nashville with.

Jordan: I would say there is much more to Nashville than what people think and we’re just one of the examples of it being a broader base than just country music.

Jason: I agree with you, there’s so much music going on [in Nashville]. Obviously, the stereotype for Nashville and Tennessee in general is maybe more like a southern feel, of course, because it is the South but at the end of the day, it’s like stereotyping New York just for Times Square. It’s not really all like that, it’s just that’s what is most know for people that are not from that area…There’s a lot of cool shit coming out of Nashville.

What should we expect from your show on Saturday?

Jordan: Really all we want people to do is forget they are really good or really bad at dancing and move their body to our music. At the end of the day, a lot of our shows are high-energy and we like seeing people move and having fun and that’s the vibe that we try to give off. Every time we play shows it’s amazing how loose people are. People usually come to shows and stand around or just have their arms folded to themselves but everybody lately seems to come to our shows and lose their shit and have a good time. I can tell people if they’re coming and expecting to have fun that we’ll be supplying the fun and it should be a really rowdy time.

Where do you guys hopefully see yourself in the future?

Jordan: Hopefully one day we’ll be like manager of McDonald’s or some place cool like that where I can be around food and flip burgers.

Jason: I want to be a captain of a boat. No, we want Bill Murray to be the captain of a boat and we just want to ride it.

Have you ever been to Miami before?

Jordan: I’ve been to Miami before but it was very briefly and I didn’t get to experience it at all, I think, so definitely haven’t experienced the nightlife or going out and playing shows, raging.

Jason: I’ve never been to Miami before but it’s going to be my birthday this weekend, so I’m really excited.

Since it is Jason’s 25th birthday on the day of the show, what would be your dream Miami party?

Jason: A boat with lots of big butt cheeks, champagne, lots of sparklers. Maybe like a Zebra.

Jason: Bill Murray and an apple tree. If we could get an apple tree on the deck, that’d be sick. Lots of steak and really loud ass music.