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Beat Camp workshop provides opportunities for aspiring songwriters, music producers

If you know you’ve got the music in you, and can envision a successful career in the business but are  frustrated by the number of doors symbolically slamming in your face, there might be another solution.

“Beat Camp” – a weekend-long seminar packed with panels and discussions geared toward getting  aspiring songwriters, engineers and producers on the right musical path – kicks off its four-city tour in Miami on Friday, May 17 at SAE Institute Miami (it also hits Atlanta in July, L.A. in September and New York in November). You’ll learn from the best minds – including stars such as Gorilla Tek, Streetrunner, Symbolyc One aka S1, DJ Blackout, Illmind, The Renegades, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League – and topics include producer branding, management, A&R meeting simulations, studio techniques, networking/brand building strategies, songwriter-producer synergy, sampling, and live mixing sessions.

The educational aspect is huge, to be sure. But the networking potential is off-the-charts crazy, as in, “Get your foot in the door and good things will happen.” Anyone who’s tried to get a job anywhere lately can tell you that it’s all about who you know, and after this weekend, you’re definitely gonna know a few key people.

If you wanna be the next Dr. Dre or Tiesto, good luck. But this is a pretty solid way to start. “By the time ‘Beat Camp’ is over, aspiring producers know exactly what they need to do to take their careers to the next level,” says J. Hatch, co-founder at SAE partner iStandard Producers, an organization that creates networking and collaboration opportunities for professional music producers, in a statement. “In fact, a lot of guys who have come to our past events have gone on to become platinumselling producers.”

Want more rah-rah? “Attendance at ‘Beat Camp’ is an essential first-step for aspiring producers who want to turbocharge their careers,” says Vincent Brooks, campus director of SAE Institute Miami. “The education and networking opportunities for participants will be incredible, and will allow anyone who’s serious about working in the music business to make huge strides in their professional journeys.”

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