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5 Things You Need to Know About the New 90-Minute Barry’s Bootcamp Class

Just when you think “the best workout in the world” AKA Barry’s Bootcamp can’t get any harder, well, it does. Come Thursday, May 26th (9 a.m. to 10: 30 a.m. at the SoBe location and 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Midtown location), the acclaimed designer workout spot is kicking off Memorial Day weekend with a special 90-minute (yes, 90!) full body workout ($50). Led by Celebrity Trainer and Owner, Derek DeGrazio along with acclaimed trainer Rachel Robinson, here are 5 facts you need to know about the one-of-a-kind high-gear Barry’s Bootcamp 90 Class:


1) Reason to Celebrate

The class combines intervals of intense cardio and strength training — so during the Barry’s 90 Class, you’ll burn more fat and calories. The end result? You’ll feel better, look better and get hotter (just in time for that poolside BBQ).


2) That Music Tho

From Beyoncé to the Biebs to Adele (during cool down, natch), you get an extra 30 minutes of killer music. Think of the experience as going to LIV — minus the booze and other shady shenanigans, mkay?


3) Can we get a “Hooray”?

You get an extra 30 minutes with Derek and Rachel. A liitle trivia for ya: Derek was the private trainer behind Britney Spears’ comeback body during her Femme Fatale tour and Rachel was a cast mate on The Real World Miami and killed it on almost every The Challenge season on MTV.

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4) This Protein Shake Brings all The Boys (and Girls) to the Yard

Yep, the outpost’s famous protein shake — the Derek Skinny — tastes soooo much better after 90 minutes, obviously. Packed with protein powder, chopped bananas, pineapple and feel-good ingredients, the Derek Skinny takes the cake in terms of flavor and results.

Barrys Bootcamp.preview

5) Don’t Quit ‘Till Your Fit

Don’t think of Barry’s 90 as being 30 minutes longer than a regular class — think of it as you’ll get more breaks! (kinda). In fact, just don’t think at all and it will be okay. We promise.