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7 reasons to see Andy Grammer at the Fontainebleau this Saturday

The BleauLive Presents concert series has brought a wonderfully diverse lineup of artists in recent years to the fabulous venue of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel, including L.A. indie-pop bands Grouplove and Capital Cities, classic-rock chanteuses Pat Benatar and Melissa Etheridge, and even the DJ showcase Mack-a-Poolooza.

But its latest show could end up being the most fun yet, as upbeat pop-rock sensation Andy Grammer takes the stage on Saturday night to perform his eclectic collection of hits including “Keep Your Head Up,” “Miss Me,” “Fine By Me,” “Good to Be Alive” and his biggest smash, the relentlessly infectious “Honey, I’m Good.”

Here are seven reasons we’re excited to see Andy Grammer in concert:



1. Honey, he’s good.

Grammer – who will play guitar, piano and even a little trumpet onstage – isn’t a fabrication of record-label suits’ empty attempts to match a pretty face with the perfect pop song. Grammer writes all his tunes and honed his craft the old-fashioned way – by singing for his supper on the streets of Santa Monica, Calif. “It just drops any sort of entitlement that you would have about your art,” he said. “It’s a really good kind of research to play a bunch of songs that you’ve just written and have people either stop and like it, or just pass by. The only way to be successful is when you’re giving people something. Like, is the song, and your voice, and the lyrics – is everything you have here worthy of someone stopping and giving you 10 bucks for your CD? And you’ll know pretty quickly once you’re out there if it is or not. And if it’s not, then you’d better work you’re a– off and figure out how to get it to a place where it is.


2. Any excuse to party at the Fontainebleau…

Palm trees, a pool and chic party people – what better scenario for a show could you ask for? Even Grammer is psyched: “Dude, I love Miami! It’s one of those places where we haven’t gotten to go as much – we’ve been a lot of places around the country like eight to 10 times, but for some reason, Miami, we’ve only been about four times. So it’s still really fresh, and we all love to get Cuban food, and it’s one of our favorite spots. I actually have some friends coming down specifically for this event, and they’re gonna hang out and crash in my room and stuff, so we’re really excited.”

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3. He’s got the look

With his faux pompadour, the 32-year-old Grammer, who calls “Honey, I’m Good” a ”weird, pseudo-country hoedown,” looks like a cross between rockabilly crooner Chris Isaak and actor Dylan McDermott (“The Practice”). But he claims any resemblance to a rockabilly cat is strictly unintentional. “I think it’s very much coincidence. If you know I’m the “Honey I’m Good” guy, then maybe. But when “Keep Your Head Up” was going, I don’t think rockabilly was what people thought. The look is more James Brown-inspired, I think – but I’m not against it.”


4. He has as much fun as the audience does

“I don’t know, man, me and my band – we throw down, we goof around and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We try to throw a serious party, and we’ve got two solid albums to pull from, so it’ll be a nice set.”

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5. He’s got somebody at home

But as a married man (to singer-songwriter Aijia), he doesn’t have too much fun, even with all the tempting eye-candy on the road. “There’s not any one girl I was thinking of when I wrote “Honey, I’m Good,” but any married man can relate to an experience like that. It definitely is [tough], but I also imagine it just being life – it’s just like a thing that’s real for everybody. You don’t need to be a rock star to deal with that.”

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6. He’s got moves

He competed on “Dancing with the Stars” last year, mainly as a tribute to his late mother, and finished in 7th place. “My mom loved the show, man – that really was the thing that pushed me over the edge. She passed away about seven years ago, and she really loved that show. So when they asked me to do it, I did not think very hard about it. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it for my mom.’ And then once I was there, I was like, ‘This is insane! I have zero dance training – what have I done!?!’ But I had a really good time, and it was a pretty incredible experience.”



7. He’s a magician

Literally. “I love magic, in the dorkiest of ways. I used to do some magic in high school. I’m not very good at it, and it got a little old, because it’s not real and you always have a rubber band up your sleeve, just trying to live your life [laughs]. But magic is a fun pastime.”