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Boutique of the Week: Alchemist

The lowdown: It’s not hard to define where Lincoln Road boutique Alchemist gets its name. The two-year-old shop stocks the intricately crafted, conceptual kind of clothing that can transform a woman from standard to stunner.

The ’hood: Souvenir shop-filled Lincoln Road. But the presence of Alchemist alone takes this outdoor mall from tourist trap to style destination.

The vibe: This is where the cool kids shop. Twentysomething owners Roma and Erika Cohen handpick the inventory, which tends to sell out quickly and bears a distinctly Parisian influence, spanning names like Dior Homme, Rick Owens, Lucien Pellat-Finet and Natalia Brilli.

The highlights: On the market for a cocktail dress by Givenchy? Alchemist carries the brand exclusively. In-the-know accessory hunters flock to the airy space to stock up on vintage Chanel jewelry and elusive pieces by Delfina Delettrez, whose other jewelry designs sit in the Louvre.

The owners say: It might seem like dresses with four-digit price tags would be in low demand during a recession, but the high-fashion focus has been the key to the store’s success. (To wit, The New York Times reported earlier this year that Alchemist’s sales in the first week of January surpassed sales for the entire month in 2008.)

Alchemist, 438 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; (305) 531-4653.