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Playboy's Girls of the ACC: Alexandra Ford

It's great to see a Miami Hurricane: UM senior Alexandra Ford is in this month's issue of Playboy.
It's great to see a Miami Hurricane: UM senior Alexandra Ford is in this month's issue of Playboy.

This year, it’s the Atlantic Coast Conference’s turn to feature its studious, nudie-ous, and spirited women in Playboy’s annual collegiate feature spread. While you’re allowed to enjoy the bee-stung lips of Georgia Tech’s girl, or even the hot Hokie, you have to pledge hometown allegiance to the University of Miami’s Alexandra Ford. The sweet senior, double-majoring in marine science and biology, took it all off in the name of orange and green. Here’s what she had to say about the Playboy experience.

Twelve ACC schools, and only one girl eachhow’d you secure your spot?

My sister and I have always wanted to do Playboy. She’s the one who saw the ad saying they were coming to Miami, and urged me to go to the test shoot. I posed in lingerie and heels with a really bad sunburn—I was drowning myself in lotion. I thought maybe I wouldn’t get it for that reason, but a month later they called and said I’d be posing for the magazine in four days!

Only four days later? That’s just cruel.

I know, but I wanted to be accommodating. Those four days I worked out like crazy and tanned as much as I could.

Were you nervous the day of the shoot?

I thought I would be, but their whole crew was so awesome. They just make you feel natural about it. I even hung around after my shoot ended to watch the FSU girl go.

They scheduled a Cane and a Nole for the same day? That’s just bad form.

Yeah, it was kind of strange. I’m just so happy we won our game that week [UM beat FSU 38-34 in the Labor Day season opener], the same time the ACC issue came out. It just made it even more amazing.

Do you have a lot of UM pride?

I’m a huge Canes fan. I want to get a “U” tattoo when I graduate. I work in a vet’s office on Saturdays, so sometimes it can be hard to get to games. But when I’m there, I’m always front row.

Speaking of “front”, I noticed your pic in the mag is full-frontal.

Well, I started fully clothed, in jeans and a UM t-shirt, and pieces of clothing just kept coming off. They asked what level of nudity I was comfortable with and I was like, “I’ll do everything.” I’m really open about that stuff. My friends weren’t surprised to see me naked in a magazine, they knew it was only a matter of time. I’m always the one stripping down when you have to, for scavenger hunts and things like that.

Nude scavenger hunts?? The campus dynamic has changed, indeed. Have you gotten a lot of attention since the issue came out?

Friends saw it and started calling and messaging me right away. One of my guys friends IM’d me and was like, “I was just browsing my monthly nudie magazines, and there you were!”. Another one of my friends started a Facebook group called “Alexandra Ford – Playboy Model”. People can join that if they want to message me and I can keep them filled in on my Playboy developments.