Things To Do

Animate! Miami unites comic book lovers, cosplay fans and celebrities

Animate! Miami, Florida’s largest anime and animation convention, returns to Miami from Oct. 23-25 for three days of animation, cosplay, video games, comic books and more. It’s a full weekend celebration featuring some of the industry’s biggest names and hundreds of events, including celebrities, actors, costume contests, video gaming, exhibitors, artists, and much more for adults and families alike.  


Animate! Miami will host a full agenda of panels, Q&As, photo opportunities and more for fans to see their favorite celebrities, voice actors and industry guests, including Christopher Daniel Barnes, known as the voice of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid and Spider-Man and Peter Parker in the Spider-Man Animated Series, and starring in The Brady Bunch Movie (Greg Brady); Linda Larkin, known as the voice of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin; Zach Callison voice of title character of Steven Universe will be joined by other cast members from the hit Cartoon Network series. 


Also catch Margaret Kerry, the original Tinker Bell and Red-Headed Mermaid in Walt Disney’s 1953 animated feature Peter Pan; Lauren Landa from Sailor Moon (Sailor Neptune), Attack on Titan (Annie Leonhardt), Madoka Magica  (Kyoko Sakura), Sword Art Online (Sakuya) and more; Erica Mendez from Sailor Moon (Sailor Uranus and Reika), Kill La Kill (Ryuko Matoi) and more; Dana Snyder, star of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Master Shake), Squidbillies (Granny), Batman Unlimited (The Penguin); and many more. 



Animate hosts dozens of cosplay and costuming events one the three day weekend, with a runway style contest Friday night, a Cosplay Booth to keep participants informed of all the events, a team of Cosplay pros appearing throughout the weekend plus the Cosplay Medics table, where costumes that get damaged can be doctored up.