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Drake put this girl rap duo from Miami on the map. But now one of them is in jail.

The City Girls were on their way.

The rap world was taking notice after their song “F*** Dat N****” blew up. And Drake even gave the local duo a guest spot on his latest song, “In My Feelings.”

The childhood friends, Jatavia Johnson and Caresha Brownlee — aka JT and Yung Miami —were shocked that he even was aware of them and their music, the duo told Rap Up TV in June.

“How did Drake know us? We just some random hood City Girls. How he heard our music?” JT, aka, Jatavia Johnson, told the website. “For him to just follow us, not even knowing he knew our music, it’s like people is really paying attention to us.”

Their lyrics include “Two bad bitches and we kissin’ in the [Rolls Royce] Wraith. Kissin’-kissin’ in the Wraith, kiss-kissin’ in the Wraith. I need that [American Express] black card and the code to the safe. Code to the safe, code-code to the safe-safe.”

Yep, these ladies were on their way. But JT got sidetracked with her (presumed) love of the money.

The singer is currently being held in Miami’s Federal Detention Center, indicted on credit card fraud, reports Billboard. Her rap sheet in Dade County includes two arrests for retail theft and possession.

She’s set to get out March 21, 2020, but a “Free JT” T shirt is coming out so people can show their support to get the rising star an earlier release.

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You can still the pair in action. They recently released a sexy video for the single, “Sweet Tooth,” from their debut album. If you sneak watch this NSFW video at work, please wear your earbuds. The lyrics are a little on the $%*# side.