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Luxury movie theater Silverspot is now open in Miami. Here’s what it looks like.


Move over, CMX at Brickell City Centre. There’s a new luxury movie theater in town. Specifically downtown Miami.

The Silverspot Cinema in Met Square is now open at 300 SE Third St., across the bridge from the CMX. It’s the first movie theater to open in downtown Miami since the Omni 40 years ago. (CMX doesn’t count – that’s Brickell.)

The Silverspot is a little bit swankier than the Omni, however. It features all the things you’ve come to expect from a luxury movie theater: comfortable reclining seats, in-theater dining service, craft cocktails, an impressive wine list and full mojito bar. We suspect access to that last feature  might considerably improve “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.”

The menu includes the basic flatbreads and burgers as well as vegetarian and vegan fare.


One of the highlights now open at the Silverspot is The Spot, a private auditorium with its own bar and lounge. The idea is that you (or other special VIPs) can rent it out for special occasions.

Another highlight: A Dolby Atmos theater with one of only high definition screens in Florida. It opens in the fall during phase two of the Silverspot, which also includes the opening of additional auditoriums.

The private lounge in The Spot, which boasts an Atmos theater.

When phase two is complete, the Silverspot will be the only six-story theater in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

But Silverspot isn’t merely about the high-end amenities. Its curated programs highlight musicals, plays from the Broadway stage and concerts as well as the film series “Flashback Cinema.” The theater also plans to screen films by local filmmakers.

Download the Silverspot app on iTunes or Google Play to buy tickets, get your seats and pre-order food and drink and register for the Spot Rewards program at

Buy your tickets at the theater or via an app you download at iTunes or Google Play. You can choose your seats ahead of time.