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Shinola Opens in Wynwood

Wynwood just got a whole lot more patriotic. At a time when mass-produced goods from China flood the market, comes the opening of Florida’s premier Shinola store — a luxury label manufactured in Detroit, Michigan. Best known for their classic-yet-modern wristwatches, leather bags, bicycles and accessories, Shinola’s collection harkens one back to America’s affinity for fine craftsmanship. In town to toast the freshly minted boutique, we struck up a conversation with Shinola President Jacques Panis.

Why did the brand choose Wynwood as its first Florida outpost? Because it’s an innovative, creative and eclectic neighborhood that is full of cool.

Describe Shinola for those not-in-the-know: We’re a brand focused on creating world-class jobs here in the United States and doing it in categories such as leather goods, bicycles and watches.

What activity tops your “Miami musts” list? I’ve got to go to Joe’s and order up some medium-size stone crab claws and a piece of key lime pie to top it all off.