Things To Do

Skills, Culinary & Kitchen heads to the Wynwood Yard to host a cooking class for kids

Teach your young aspiring gourmands how to handle themselves in the kitchen at a cooking demo by Skills, Culinary & Kitchen at the pop-up culinary incubator, The Wynwood Yard. The event takes place this Saturday from 4-5:30 p.m. and will provide kids ages seven and up an enriching experience that will help them develop an understanding of food and where it comes from. The kids will learn cooking skills, explore ingredients from farm to table, plus learn to harvest, prepare and eat a wide range of foods. The children will spend the afternoon peeling, slicing, washing, mashing, whisking and learning how a meal is prepared. Parents can stick around and watch the action or explore the Wynwood Yard’s outdoor bar Thyme’s innovative cocktail menu  or check out one of the other many resident food concepts while the kids work. 

Admission is $20 per kid and can be purchased here