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This Celia Cruz exhibit is the biggest ever - and it’s coming to Miami

A new exhibit will offer an intimate look at the life of Cuban salsa queen Celia Cruz.
A new exhibit will offer an intimate look at the life of Cuban salsa queen Celia Cruz.

Get ready, Miami. The Celia Cruz exhibit to end all Celia Cruz exhibits is coming this fall.

“Forever CELIA” – the largest Cruz exhibit to date – arrives at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora in Miami on Oct. 18. The museum is located at 1200 Coral Way.

Curated by her executor Omer Pardillo, according to El Nuevo Herald, the exhibit will feature some of the 700 pieces she kept at her New Jersey home. She lived there with her husband, trumpet player and band leader Pedro Knight.

Among the most notable items in the collection are costumes Cruz wore  at Havana’s famous Tropicana Night Club in the 1950s, according to El Nuevo Herald. Also on display: “the Cuban passport with which she went into exile, via Mexico, on July 15, 1960; the first contract signed that same year with the Hollywood Paladium, of New York, for the amount of $2,000 per night; books and unpublished photos.”

Celia Cruz opens Carnaval Night at Bayfront Park in 1997. CM GUERRERO EL

“Her legacy remains intact. She crossed frontiers and adapted to new times without betraying her style,” Pardillo told El Nuevo Herald.

Earlier this summer, Ermita de la Caridad hosted a memorial Mass for the Havana-born singer, who died at her Fort Lee home on July 16, 2003. Rev. Carlos Céspedes officiated.

“Celia has been the greatest legend that Cuban music has had. Her contributions are so strong that it feels as if she is still alive. She is our pride. An example of talent, decency and simplicity,” producer Emilio Estefan told El Nuevo Herald.

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We don't know about you, but we are dying to see these costumes. Miami