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The Umbrella Sky Project is coming down. Better get those photos while you can.

We're going to miss this view.
We're going to miss this view.

What do you mean, you haven’t visited the Umbrella Sky Project yet? How is that possible? The art installation, at Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables, has been up since mid-July.

And it’s coming down soon. So pay attention. estimates that almost everyone in South Florida has taken and shared photos at the installation by the Portugal-based creative agency Sextafeira. Similar installations popped up in Lisbon, Paris, Pittsburgh and Pensacola. Yeah, we know – that last one sounds odd to us, too.


But the reminder to look up comes down at 11:30 p.m. Sept. 16, according to Eventbrite. Which means you are running out of time. So charge your cell phone and get to it.

The good news is Giralda Plaza will still be there when the umbrellas are gone. You can still find plenty to eat and drink. You can stroll and enjoy the weather as endless summer gives way to … more endless summer.

But we admit it won’t be quite the same.