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Meet VASE, Miami’s New Pop-Up Experience

Remember the excitement of being a child and hearing the sweet symphony of the ice cream truck pulling into your neighborhood? If only that euphoria could be replicated in adult life. Well, it can. VASE, a new and local shoe brand, has a unique pop-up truck making it’s way around Miami. Like the good old ice cream truck, VASE is offering something that’s oh so sweet.

Elisa Sain, Valerie Armas and Victoria Sain founded VASE shoes and launched its pop-up concept last October. The traveling truck showcases the trio’s curated collection of their favorite art books, fashion magazines, clothing and, of course, VASE shoes at events across Miami. Once you step inside, it’s clear that magazines and accessories are just the opening act to a far more bigger show: the Not In Kansas Anymore sneakers.

The Not in Kansas Anymore shoes marked VASE’s first stake in the fashion industry. A break away from the traditional white sneaker, VASE’s futuristic shoes come in seven changing LED colors. Oh, and in case your personal light show is running low, the ladies of VASE have added a chargeable USB port.

Want to hop on the VASE wagon — err — van? Keep your eyes open for this glowing pop-up or follow its whereabouts on Instagram at @vase_popup.