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Fresh Is Better Delivers Healthy, Handcrafted Meals

Being healthy is a goal that often slides off the “New Year’s Resolutions” list to the “See You Next Year” list all before February. When the grocery store lines lengthen, dishes pile in the sink, and take-out menus become more tantalizing, you’re in resolution relapse mode. Fresh Is Better, a farm-to-table food delivery service, is helping eliminate excuses with its fresh, convenient meal plans.

By replacing cooking with clicking, Fresh Is Better allows its devotees to select their meal plan online, set their size preference and receive food each night on their doorstep. The food is made from fresh produce, wild caught fish from Florida waters, antibiotic and hormone free proteins and healthy fats. Fresh Is Better also accommodates food allergies as well as vegan, paleo, and gluten-free diets—whatever restriction strikes your fancy.

Thai pineapple quinoa bowls and BBQ turkey meatballs are just a few of the nutrition-conscious menu items Chef Gustavo Guillen has up his sleeve. To spice things up, the menu changes on the weekly basis. Bon apetit!