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6 reasons Miami's drive-in theater is better than Netflix and chill

Blue Starlite Urban Drive-In has been doing a residency in its Coconut Grove location for the past year, but now the pop-up movie theater is packing up its projector and moving to a venue that is double the size. For those of you who didn’t know there was a drive-in theater in Miami, consider this your introduction. For those of you who don’t know what a drive-in theater is, stop making us feel old. And for the people who are whining about how they have an entire library of movies at their fingertips that they can access sitting on a couch with their boo while wearing PJs, we have myriad reasons why the drive-in is a better night out. 




1. If you never leave the house, you are not in a real relationship

Perhaps your relationship can withstand the drama of a brief battle over whether to watch “Narcos” or “Jane the Virgin” but real love won’t grow inside a bubble. Also, you need to know about your sweetheart’s sartorial preferences. What if he only wears chancletas and wife beaters? That’s a dealbreaker.  




2. You pay too much for your lease to leave your car parked in the driveway

Between Geico and South Motors, your paycheck is almost all spoken-for, so you better suck the juice out of that flashy car while you can. Pimping up in a drive-in with your shiny whip will get heads turning. Just make sure you don’t leave the car idling – gas still isn’t free. 




3. Your brother changed the password on his Netflix account

Or maybe he gave the password out to too many of his friends and you are getting shut down by the Netflix servers. Regardless, if it’s lights out on your free streaming you could have a retro adventure with your boo without letting them realize you are too cheap to pay $7.99 a month for endless entertainment. 




4. Making out in the back seat of a car is a perfectly romantic cliche

How many generations were conceived in back seats? The world will never know. But it is the perfect place to snuggle up with your sweetheart, especially if the one big screen in the house has been taken over by your abuela’s latest obsession with “Suleiman, El Gran Sultan.”




5. Because your cats don’t want to hear you sing along to “Grease Lightning”

An added bonus of Blue Starlight Urban Drive-In’s open air viewing is that when they screen your favorite musicals, you can sing along in your car, rolling the windows up or down, depending on how badly you want to offend the closest cars.




6. Some movies were meant to be seen on the big screen  

Believe it or not, there was a time when most movies were enjoyed on a giant screen. Furthermore, most movies are made to be enjoyed on a giant screen, so it’s worth investing a few bucks into seeing films like “Mad Max: Fury Road” or “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” on something bigger than your laptop so you truly appreciate the experience. Your sweetheart thinks cinephiles are sexy.