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Q&A with Levi's

We chatted up Levi’s and Dockers Americas Retail Senior Vice President Joelle Maher and got the 411 on the latest with the iconic American brand and their new outlet store opening in Miami’s Dolphin Mall.

Why should shoppers head to the newly revamped Levi’s & Dockers Outlet Store? Over the course of the next several months and into spring of 2019, we will be increasing our offerings of Outlet Exclusive product in our stores and will be adding new fits and several new washes to the Levi’s assortment. Consumers will begin to see a new look and feel in our stores from fitting rooms, to in-store signs, shopping bags and even new exterior signs.

What kind of apparel can shoppers expect to find? We will continue to offer lifestyle assortments in both the Levi’s and Dockers brands. Customers will find a wide offering of Men’s and Women’s bottoms, tops, outerwear and selected accessories.

How current is the inventory carried at your store? We continue to evolve our merchandise offering for our consumer. Over the course of the next several months, we will be liquidating older merchandise and replacing with more Outlet Exclusive Product and current season inventory.

What kind of value can people expect? We cannot specify exactly what will be on sale when, but day in and day out we offer great apparel at a discount. We look to provide the outlet consumer with not only high-quality, in-season or exclusive merchandise, but at a great value every day.

What’s the difference between the Levi’s store on Collins Avenue and the Outlet Stores? The Levi’s Store on Collins is part of our premium, “mainline line” stores — offering exclusive product designed and distributed only in the mainline stores.

Lastly, can the store staff help me find the perfect pair of jeans? Yes, the goal of our store staff is to help each and every customer find their own perfect pair of jeans. With the assortment evolving to offer more fits by Spring 2010, we hope to reach more customers with our great denim — finding the perfect pair!