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9 signs you’re addicted to Bruce Springsteen

By @GreasyLake
By @GreasyLake

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band bring The River Tour to the BB&T Center Tuesday night.  If you’re going — and you should be happy about it, because it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive —you may be a Springsteen addict. Here’s how to tell. 



1. You always know the set list before the show. . . 

. . . and have no doubts what the band will play Tuesday night after “Wreck on the Highway.”




2. You have seen a show in New York or New Jersey at least once. . . 

. . .  even though it meant you had to spend time in New York or New Jersey.



3. At the show, you wave a sign . . . 

. . . begging for a track so obscure most of the audience has never heard it.



4. You wish Bruce would pull you out of the crowd like he did with Courteney Cox in the “Dancing in the Dark” video . . .

. . .  even though you have a bad knee and it would take you half an hour to get up on the stage.



5. You went to see him at Bayfront Park in Miami during a John Kerry rally . . . 

. . . just to hear “No Surrender” even though you had no intention of voting for John Kerry.



6. You saw him on the “Born in the USA” tour at the Orange Bowl . . .

. . . and didn’t even complain about the lines for the restrooms or the fact that you couldn’t find your car afterward.



7. You think “Badlands” was written about a job you once had.



8. You  quit that job . . .

. . . by telling your boss:  “It’s a town full of losers – I’m pulling out of here to win.”



9. You bought tickets to “The Ghost of Tom Joad” tour.