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Redland Market Village is gigantic, has just about everything - and yes, is a little weird

When we say everything, we mean everything.
When we say everything, we mean everything.

If you can’t find it at Redland Market Village, you probably don’t need it.

Listen, you can’t buy everything here. You probably can’t purchase an alpaca or a particle collider. You might struggle to find a Maserati or a cannon or many of the items you would find at Bal Harbour Shops.

But that’s hard to remember when you’re staring across 27 acres of merchandise, including but not limited to fishing poles, luchador masks, hats, mattresses, work boots, dirt bikes, yoga pants, jewelry to protect you from the Evil Eye, kitchenware, live orchids, plastic tulips and toys. And more. Oh my GOD, so much more.

That’s not even counting the inexpensive produce at the indoor farmers market or the automotive section, where you can buy motor oil and other necessities for your car – or even get it detailed.

And did we mention the seafood market, the restaurants, food vendors or the kids’ entertainment area?

The skies are blue, the flowers are plastic, but there's much, much more to Redland Market Village than the parking lot flea market.

So yeah. Redland Market Village is big. You might even say overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to park there on a Sunday morning. Stick with it. You can park outside the market lots, and the walk isn’t that far. Believe me, you’re going to be walking a lot. May as well warm up.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll find at this monster of a market.


Need something for your head or feet? Redland Market has you covered.

Stuff is where Redland Market excels, whether you’re looking for jeans, shoes, earbuds, kitchenware or whatever the hell this thing is:


Look, part of this place is a flea market. If you didn’t see weird junk you’d be confused.

Because for every lovely orchid, there’s a mask you don’t really need but kinda want.




There is every kind of pepper known to man and womankind at Redland Market.  There’s everything you can expect at a farmers market, even what could be the last of the Florida mangoes. Loads of limes. Greens. Every weird Florida fruit in season.

You can also buy locally sourced honey, hunks of cheese and spices. We could go on, but honestly, it’s making us hungry. Which brings us to…

Food and drink


This is the epicenter of arepas and and juices and snowcones, but there’s lots more, too. Our advice: Grab a big bag of Lola Churros as an appetizer. Go ahead. It’s worth the wait. Eat them straight out of the bag while they’re hot and wander around.

You can continue the grab-and-go route, but if you want to sit, there are many places, most of them serving Mexican-style food. We had tacos in our sights, but a kind stranger at the counter of Mazorcas Restaurant told us: You must order the fried shrimp and fries. Not what we were planning on, but we trust a loyal customer’s recommendations, and we had zero regrets.




There are pony rides, a mini carousel, a strange little bumper raft pool and other distractions for kids. For adults, there’s beer and karaoke. It’s good to be a grownup.

Redland Market Village

Where: 22420 South Dixie Highway, Homestead

Hours: 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday