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The 5 Wonders of Wanderlista Boutique

For a boutique experience sure to whisk you away to an exotic, faraway locale, Miami’s own Wanderlista will do the trick. Nestled inside Miami Beach’s Hotel Croydon, the flamingo-swathed shop offers a meticulously curated selection of international brands (more than 80 percent of the shop’s goods are exclusive to Wanderlista!). So here are 5 things you need to know about the store for the jet-set and locals alike:


1. Wander-What?

Wanderlista, the Mid-Beach store’s name (and shoppable website ) was coined and trademarked by its founder Andria Mitsakos. “It defines the sensibility of someone who embraces the art of travel through culture and style,” Mitsakos says.

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2. Who’s That Girl?

Andria Mitsakos (pictured above) is Greek-American (Opa!) and has been (almost) everywhere given she is also the President & CEO of AMPR, a PR firm she founded, which specializes in publicity for hospitality clients around the globe. From Miami to Mykonos, and everywhere in between, she voyages far, authoring a virtual passport for the creative cognoscenti. Arts, culture, travel, style and philanthropy are at the core of everything Andria does, and it’s reflected in her work, designs and lifestyle. She lives between Miami, Athens, Mexico and The Caribbean. 

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3. What to Score?

Pick up one of Mitsakos’s own line of Dea Rosa handbags, the only luxury line of handbags manufactured in Greece. As if she doesn’t already wear enough hats, she has served as the label’s Creative Director since its inception in 2010. 


4. What’s So Different?

The store carries emerging designers exclusively, so you can be pretty sure nobody else in Miami is going to be wearing the same necklace to dinner Friday night. Hooray for standing apart from the masses!

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5. What’s Next?

Mitsakos tells us she’s launching her own home interiors line, “It’s a natural transition given my work in hospitality and design. My mother, Stella, and I are collaborating on textiles line inspired by our travels, and I’m working on a line of marble accessories made in Greece.”