Things To Do

Bogie, Bacall @ EDITION, Matoma @ LIV, Tax Day @ Mignonette & Blue Collar, plus Jim Camacho & Jellybean

Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid

The Miami Beach EDITION, 2901 Collins Ave., knows the value of good nostalgia, and by nostalgia, we’re not talking about Britney hearts Justin, but, rather, the 1940s classic Bogie and Bacall flick Key Largo, filmed somewhat down south but celebrated right here on Miami Beach with a screening at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 16 right there on the sand. Reserve a picnic basket from Tropicale, which includes local vegetable crudité with lemon yogurt dip, Florida shrimp cocktail, kale salad with jalapeño and mint, gourmet popcorn, house-baked cookies, and a bottle of wine priced at $150 for two people—a far cry from conch fritters, but hey, it’s swanky Miami so don’t balk when we tell you basket purchase is mandatory for entry. To reserve your spot, call 786-257-4600.

Hakuna Matoma

A play on The Lion King‘s catchphrase meaning “no worries,” Hakuna Matoma is the title of the newest album from MTV Europe’s Best Norwegian Act, EDM heavy hitter, Matoma. And while the producer slash pianist slash house music mixer doesn’t want you to worry, you may have to if you don’t get tickets to his Thursday, April 21st gig at LIV, 4441 Collins Ave. Tickets for those who enter before 1 a.m. are $30 and available at

Read My Lips

No new taxes, said President George Bush the first. And while some say that may have been BS, when it comes to tax day this year, Monday, April 18, some non-political types are doing things to alleviate the pain inflicted upon us by the IRS. Mignonette, 210 NE 18th St., and its sister restaurant Blue Collar, 6730 Biscayne Blvd., for instance, is calling it Taxes Schmaxes Day and refunding you every other bottle of beer or glass of wine ordered that day. Just “declare” your order and your second glass will be free.“Tax Day can bring on a lot of stress.  We want to lighten things up a bit and offer a beer and wine ‘refund’ on what we are calling ‘Taxes Schmaxes Day,’” chef/owner Daniel Serfer says. “Sure, we know that as Floridians, we are saved from the dreaded State Income Tax, but April 18th still hurts on the Federal level, so we’re going drink-for-drink – – the first one’s on you; your second drink is on us!”  Serfer for president! 

Pet Sounds

Miami singer/songwriter Jim Camacho has a new single out that’s for the dogs–and cats, and pretty much any non-human pal of man that’s legal to keep at home. Make It to the Morning Light was inspired by the awe-inspiring visuals surrounding the Rock Lodge at Giant’s Castle in South Africa as well as Camacho’s interaction with the locals there. The video, shot in South Miami and MiMo follows the desperate plight of a young woman and an abusive dog owner and how life saving four legged friends can actually be for people. Performing that song as well as a full band concert at 8 p.m. Friday, April 15 at Luna Star Cafe, 775 NE 125th St., Camacho will split the door–$10 cash only admission–equally between Switchboard of Miami and Paws $ You. Special guest Karen Feldner will open the show. For more information, go to

Cool Bean

Kicking off a monthly residency Friday, April 15 at Libertine, 34 NE 11th St., is none other than the one, the only, the legendary John “Jellybean” Benitez, who is bringing with him his storied and sonically stellar Feel The Spirit set to the downtown hot spot the first Friday of every month.  “My retro beats featuring internationally branded disco DJs paired with Libertine’s vibe will attract party goers yearning for a chic night out with friends, conjuring memories of the past while creating memories for the future,” Benitez said. Admission is $20 or $10 for members of Ain’t Nuthin’ But A House Party. For more information, go to