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7 side hustles you find in Miami

Photo illustration/Alex Harris
Photo illustration/Alex Harris

In Miami the cost of living is on a yacht while salaries are on a row boat. You need a side hustle to make ends meet. Here are some of the ways locals bring in some extra cheddar. 



1. Real Estate

Everyone in South Florida has a license and was making so much bank in 2004. Don’t be surprised when someone in your office passes you a Century 21 card and tries to convince you to use their cousin for your mortgage. 


2. Renting foreclosures

The banks have almost gotten them all, but there are still some houses stuck in foreclosure limbo with tenants paying rent to deadbeat homeowners. With rentals sky high, this is usually a win-win for both parties. Until the tenant finds their furniture in a pile on the street. 


3. Jewelry parties

Apparently stainless steel dipped in gold (or not gold) is the new Tupperware. If you are a lady, expect an invite to one of these little tea parties (usually wine parties) involving buying overpriced stuff you can get at the Mart. After you go to the first one, you will receive invitations from every other woman there because the host cleans up on free stuff. 


4. Grow houses

They happen even in the best neighborhoods. When you drive home from work and see seven cop cars in front of your quiet but respectful neighbor’s house, you can bet they have been farming some hydro for a while. 


5. Personal trainer

You have seen the following scenario: You are at 24 Hour Fitness and spy a couple of dudes working out together. One is a Henry Cavill type. The other a Jonah Hill type. Why are they working out together? Because Henry Cavill is getting paid. And not from the gym. Gyms hate this. They have their own Henry Cavills! But what can you do if two bros want to work out together? You can be assured this Henry Cavill has memberships to like six gyms. 



6. Handyman

Do you have a set of tools and a rudimentary understanding of construction? You are a certified handyman! It is availability – not ability – that makes a handyman. Disclaimer: handyman work often needs to be redone by a real professional. Budget for that.  


7. Uber driver

This is a hustle that gets us excited. Why? Because you can NEVER get a cab in Kendall. Or Doral. Or downtown. Or anyplace that isn’t MIA or a hotel on South Beach. Thanks to Uber, you can find someone to take you home when you’ve been day drinking at Merrick Park with your girlfriends. Everyone benefits.