Here are the best ice cream shops in Miami because Florida is hot and we are hungry

Is there any better time to eat ice cream than summer? No.

Although let’s face it, ice cream is still pretty good in the frozen heart of Florida winter, when temps drop into the 60s and all your neighbors fire up their fireplaces and act like they’re in Montreal.

July is National Ice Cream Month (a real holiday, obviously), with National Ice Cream Day falling on the third Sunday in July (that’s July 21 this year). To celebrate it in all its fattening glory, we have assembled a bucket list of ice cream spots in and around Miami.

We know there are many more, and some day we hope to get to them all - and still fit into our pants.

MadLab Creamery

140 NE 39th St., Miami

Soraya Kilgore on the extremely whimsical floor of MadLab in the Design District.

Pastry chef Soraya Kilgore opened this Design District destination in 2018 and serves gourmet soft serve, house-made chocolate bark and Japanese cheesecake that will change your life (and it’s not even ice cream).