These star chefs from the Design District food hall are opening a sushi spot in Wynwood

Itamae is dropping a funky new track.

The Peruvian sushi shop in the Design District, which has been acclaimed locally and nationally for their take on Peruvian-Japanese cuisine known as Nikkei, is opening a sushi-only restaurant in Wynwood.

B-Side at the 1-800-Lucky food hall is where Nando Chang, who splits his time as a Spanglish rapper and sushi chef with his sister and father at Itamae, will focus on the Japanese side of their cuisine. B-Side, replacing Myumi, will feature new sushi rolls while bringing in tweaked versions of Itamae’s popular rolls.

“I want to create a lot of cool rolls,” Chang said. “We’ll start off with our greatest hits and tweak as we go.”

Chef and rapper Nando Chang, 30, prepares a Japanese Peruvian fusion dish while shooting a music video for his latest song “Sushi Chef” inside Kaido in the Design District in Miami on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Chang and his sister, Val Chang, have been nominated for a Rising Star James Beard award. MATIAS J. OCNER

Nando and Val Chang were the first brother-sister duo to be named semifinalists for a James Beard award in 2019, the highest honor for a chef. Together with their father, Fernando, they immigrated from Peru and started Itamae at the St. Roch Market in the Design District, the restaurant that brought their family together after a long separation.

There they created some of the city’s most inventive cuisine, highlighting the Japanese influence in Lima cuisine, as well as their own Chinese-Peruvian heritage.


B-Side also fits Nando Chang’s aesthetic. He has been recording rap music and recently released a new album titled Ceviche with Sony music, including a song, “Sushi Chef,” that combines his love of cooking and rapping. 1-800-Lucky has an undercurrent of music, as they regularly feature hip hop acts and includes a vintage record store.

B-Side will open June 1, and rolls also will be available from Uber Eats.

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B-Side at 1-800-Lucky

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