Roaches on wine bar’s dishes and a mouse at chicken place among restaurant shut-downs

This edition of the Sick and Shut Down List, like the Gross Grocers list, celebrates inclusiveness and diversity across Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

What other list of restaurants will include both a Coral Gables wine bar and a Belle Glade fried chicken joint?

What follows comes straight from Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspections. We don’t control who gets inspected or how strictly. We report without passion or prejudice, but with a doggie bag of humor.

And we go in alphabetical order:

Asian Buffet & Grill, 240 S. Federal Hwy., Deerfield Beach — No way to dry hands at the sushi bar handwashing sink or the employee restroom handwashing sink. Now, you decide, is that as unsettling for the dining experience as:

“Gnaw marks on corn on the floor near back door area.”

Those marks probably aren’t from a teething employee, but from the four-legged furries that left “one fresh and four dry rodent droppings under the prep sink at cookline. One fresh rodent dropping on the floor at the cookline. Three fresh rodent droppings by the wire shelving unit near the meat grinder. Nine fresh rodent droppings by walk-in freezer. Ten fresh rodent droppings behind ice machine, 10 fresh rodent droppings behind racks in dry storage shelving area. Two dry rodent droppings in sushi bar area.”

Now, after that, are you really bothered by one dead roach on a shelving unit?

Wonder if the rodents can swim. Or, do they consider this a wading pool? “Floor area(s) covered with standing water in cookline, prep areas and dish washing areas.”

“Mold-like build up around handwash sinks in sushi bar area.”

The Asian Buffet was back open after passing Tuesday’s re-inspection.

Cibo Wine Bar, 45 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables — The folks who deal in the good grape got a hint and a half for their glass on Wednesday with a Warning Issued after the inspector found “mold-like substance” in the ice machine, soiled slicer blades, can opener blade, nasty kitchen reach-in cooler.

When the inspectors came back Thursday, they saw all of the above ... and roaches. Like enough, you had to wonder if the “standing water in some parts of the kitchen” was sugar water.

Let’s start with two live roaches crawling on clean dishes and dish racks. More than 20 roaches crawling on pipes under the ware washing machine. Three more roaches in the ware washing area.

“Ceiling/ceiling vents soiled with accumulated food debris, grease, dust, or mold-like substance in some parts of kitchen.”

Cibo got it together to pass a re-re-inspection Friday.

Dixie Fried Chicken, 133 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd. W., Belle Glade — Dixie Fried Chicken had a fundamental problem Wednesday aside from the inspector seeing “12 fresh rodent droppings on shelves in the dry storage area” and the live mouse who likely left the poop.

The inspector dropped a Stop Sale on the buttermilk in which the chicken is dipped before breading. It needed to be kept at 41 degrees or below. The bottom of the buttermilk measured 50 degrees and the top measured 59 degrees.

While that didn’t help their fried chicken’s flavor, this wouldn’t help the flavor of your Coke or orange soda: “In-use ice scoop stored on soiled surface between uses. Stored on a dirty tray at the ice machine.” The good news is the ice machine wasn’t working. The bad news for Dixie is that counted as a violation.

Dixie was back frying chicken after Thursday’s re-inspection.

El Lyon Super Restaurant, 13202 W. Dixie Hwy., North Miami — Lyon, the city in France, has the international headquarters of Interpol and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. El Lyon, the restaurant in North Miami, has roaches and rodents.

As for the rodents, “35-plus soft droppings on dry storage shelf.”

The roaches marked their territory with “roach excrement above a reach in cooler used for the ice located in the front area and inside the cabinet underneath the handwashing sink in the public restroom.”

The inspector saw “three live roaches crawling on the floor by the handwashing sink in the front area, two live roaches crawling on a prep table in the kitchen area, two live roaches crawling on the kitchen floor” and six dead roaches in a cabinet under the front handwashing sink.

“Observed accumulation of old food debris inside reach-in cooler located by the kitchen entrance door.”

No hot water at the handwashing sink in the employee restroom.

They were given time to fix that problem and a few others after Wednesday’s re-inspection.

Madlab Creamery, 140 NE 39th St., Miami — This is the first place in Roach Report/Rodent Report/Sick and Shut Down List history to be shut down without a High Priority violation.

But “no three-compartment sink is provided for warewashing” seems a problem. That third compartment that separates this sink from most homes’ kitchen sinks is for sanitizing. That’s a problem. Oh, and the handwash sink wasn’t being used because there was a sanitizer bucket in it. Maybe that was the imitation third compartment.

Also, the dishwasher “turns off as soon as it gets water inside.” Therefore, about as useless as a solar-powered flashlight that doesn’t store energy.

“Accumulation of encrusted food debris on/around mixer head.”

Nikki’s Orange Kitchen, 1 N. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach — Expired restaurant license and a reach-in cooler “soiled with accumulation of food residue,” yes, but the problem at darling Nikki’s was it was just too buggy.

Four dead roaches on the cookline floor. Seven live and six dead roaches under the soda storage area. Eight live and five dead roaches under the dishwasher. Three live and four dead roaches under the cookline handwashing sink. Two live roaches behind a reach-in cooler.

Nikki’s Orange was back in the pink after passing Thursday’s re-inspection.

Silver Pond Chinese Restaurant, 4285 N. State Rd. 7, Lauderdale Lakes — Were this week’s inspectors in a mood? Madlab got shut down without a High Priority violation and there was no dipping in the Silver Pond after a one-High Priority violation, three-Basic violation inspection.

“One live roach on the dining room counter, four live roaches on the cookline, one live roach in the dry storage area between General Electric freezers.”

That was the High Priority citation. The Basics were “employee preparing food in customer section of dining area;” one dead roach underneath a food prep table; and a “container with some food items” was stored on the kitchen and walk-in cooler floor.

The Pond was back in the pool after Friday’s re-inspection.

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