Marc Anthony’s song inspired a parody about Cuban pastelitos. He signed off on it

Pastelitos are so inspiring.
Pastelitos are so inspiring.

The singer Marc Anthony was still putting words to the song that would become “Está Rico,” when his buddy, Miami radio host Enrique Santos, listening in the studio, starting making up his own hilarious lyrics.

“I was one of the first people to hear the song,” Santos said. “That happens often when I’m hanging with Marc. So we started making up words. Most of the stuff we come up with is too dirty for radio.”

So even before artists Will Smith and Bad Bunny came on board to record the final lyrics, Santos started cracking up the singer with his own version: “Pastelito.”

Enrique Santos, left, and DJ Xtreme (Xavier Figueroa) parody popular songs on Miami's 94.9 FM morning show, which is syndicated nationally from 6-10 a.m. Their latest is "Pastelito," a riff on "Está Rico" by Marc Anthony, a personal friend of Santos.'

“Enrique is on par with the greatest writers of all time. What an honor to be living in this era of genius and to be able to witness it first hand — NOT!” Anthony, who signed Santos to his talent agency, Magnus Media, texted the Miami Herald.

Santos, whose parodies of popular songs often veer into the world of Miami food, debuted the song on his nationally syndicated morning radio show based out of Tú 94.9. It’s available online at iHeartRadio’s Enrique Santos On Demand station. The song crosses over into Spanglish, just as their 6-10 a.m. radio show often does.

Santos and his in-studio partner, DJ Xtreme (Xavier Figueroa), have a track record of making their Weird Al-style parodies as Los Parodia Kings. (They publish most of their tunes on YouTube and on Instagram). And often, the subject is food.

“We remix all the hot songs and many have to do with what we Latinos love the most: food,” Santos said. “Food is something that’s prevalent in all of our raps.”

In “Pastelito,” the rappers hail the Cuban puff pastries that can serve as breakfast, a snack, a hangover cure. Plus a couple of other necessities, like a pair of (or three) fried eggs, a cheese-stuffed tequeño, and a Cuban coffee-and-milk cortadito.

Another parody, “Pan Con Piña (Bread With Pineapple),” set to the music of “Thriller,” veers into the not-for-radio stripe.

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Despite the success of “Pastelito,” their recent pièce de résistance is the Spanglish spoof of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino’s “This is America.” It’s called “This is Miami, Mang,” by Childish Güajiro (the Cuban nickname for a farmer) and was shot at the Gary Nader art gallery in Wynwood — just in time for Art Basel. The video on Santos’ YouTube channel hails the “coladita we’re whipping up.”

Santos, a Chicago native and Carol City High graduate, said he and Figueroa are working on bringing in the actual hit-song singers to record parts of the parodies. They’ve already  worked with the artist Reik on their parody of the Reik-Maluma hit “Amigos Con Derechos (Friends With Benefits),” the so-called “Te Presté Dinero (I Lent You Money).”

Lo nuevo de @losparodiakings llegó de la mano de @chuinavarro #teprestedinero #palomababy ¿alguien te debe dinero ? Taguealo aquí

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That, Santos said, would complete the perfect circle.

“Food is the one thing that brings us together,” Santos said. “Everybody eats, right?”