Mignonette oyster dinner features Miami Book Fair author Rowan Jacobsen

Jacobsen lends his expertise to a dinner at oyster-centric Mignonette.
Jacobsen lends his expertise to a dinner at oyster-centric Mignonette.

If you’ve ever wanted a story to leap off the page of a book, this is that book.

Author and oyster devotee Rowan Jacobsen, who has written not one, but two acclaimed, encyclopedic books about oysters, the industry and where to find the best ones, is helping that dream come true.

After speaking at the Miami Book Fair Sunday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. about his new book, “The Essential Oyster,” he will be the “guest shucker” at oyster and seafood mecca Mignonette alongside chef Danny Serfer for a unique dining event on Tuesday.

Tickets to the event cost $120 and include an autographed copy of Jacobsen’s new book.

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Serfer, whose Mignonette has been so successful he is opening a second location near his home on 139th Street and Biscayne Boulevard in December, fell in love with Jacobsen’s original oyster tome, “A Geography of Oysters,” which won a James Beard Award for writing in 2008.

“We read that book through and through,” Serfer said. “It has so much information in it, but it’s also engaging and gripping.”

In his new book, Jacobsen tells the backstories of the endless varieties of oysters, the farms where they can be found, and offers a guide for the best oyster bars in America — and puts Mignonette on that list.



Mignonette regularly flies in oysters from all over the country to offer a wide range of flavors for both oyster novices and connoisseurs.

“We learned about places that take the time and care to do things right,” Serfer said.

In Jacobson’s honor, Tuesday’s dinner will include a tower of raw an cooked oysters, a brown oyster stew, snacks of clams and oysters, and main course of striped bass and Mignonette’s fresh-squeezed Key lime pie.