Dining event P.I.G. (Pork Is Good) lives up to its name

There’s nothing that isn’t true about the title of Saturday’s food event P.I.G.: It stands for Pork Is Good.

That’s truth in advertizing.

Three letters is all chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, founder of the original Miami food truck gastroPod, needed to launch what is quietly one of the most anticipated all-pork food tasting events in Miami among chefs. You should read that as code for “chef’s love to cook here and that means the food will be delicious.”

The annual PIG event invites local and national chefs to put their spin on cooking pork, with a side of cocktails.

The point of P.I.G., now in its seventh year, is simple: Bullfrog (a pseudonym) invites some of Miami’s most skilled chefs at butchery and ask them to prepare inventive dishes for a limited size crowd for a four-hour event in Wynwood, Saturday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We’re the anti-food-event food event,” Bullfrog said.

Quality is at the heart of the food being prepared Saturday. The pigs are Duroc heritage breed raised specifically for their taste. And the 20 chefs include those who are experts at conjuring the best flavors from the meat.


Among them are Aaron Brooks of Brickell’s steakhouse Edge Steak and Bar, who won the similar Cochon 555 event in Miami in 2013, which challenges chefs to prepare dishes using all part of the pig.

Other chefs include Dale Talde (of Talde Miami Beach and “Top Chef”), Mike Pirolo (Macchialina, South Beach),  Pat Rebholz of Swine Southern Table & Bar and former Michael’s Genuine executive chef Niven Patel of the upcoming southern Indian restaurant in Downtown Dadeland, Ghee.

Bullfrog knows quality. Not only was his gastroPod the first to bring a culinary twist to Miami food trucks, he also apprenticed in some of the world’s great restaurants, such as Spain’s El Bulli (for years, the world’s top-ranked restaurant) and Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50.

Saturday’s event also features mixed drinks from the mix masters at Bar Lab (Broken Shaker, The Anderson). And the best part is a crowd that won’t cause long lines for food and drink.

“You get to talk with the other diners, hang out with the chefs,” Bullfrog said. “It’s just a good time.”