Is Jack Nicholson an investor in a soon-to-open Miami restaurant?

JP Parlavechio, a well-known figure on South Beach’s nightlife scene in the 90s with hot spots including Ready Bar, Lucky 13 and The Tudor, is reemerging onto the scene, only this time, like most well-seasoned scenesters, with a restaurant, not a nightclub. Opening at the end of the month in the space formerly known as Jean Paul’s House is Jack’s Restaurant, a charming spot reminiscent of LA’s star studded scene-fest The Ivy, with an Italian-accented comfort food menu “Designed for families, the young hip artist, and everyone in between,” says a source. While we have not much more information than that, we do hear Jack Nicholson may be one of Parlavechio’s investors, but we were unable to get confirmation from either Parlavechio or Nicholson. So for now, we’ll say we don’t know Jack, but in a few weeks, we will indeed. At least the restaurant of that name and maybe, if we’re lucky, the celeb too.