Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon buns return Oct. 25

Cinnamon buns brings Miamians down to the Redlands.
Cinnamon buns brings Miamians down to the Redlands. FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Diet’s over, Miami.

Knaus Berry Farms reopens tomorrow, meaning the return of their sticky, sweet cinnamon rolls, fresh-baked bread and strawberry jams, which are only available from now through April. Their Facebook page confirms the farm will reopen “Lord willing,” the morning of Oct. 25.

The farm, open since 1959 but in their family since the ’20s, is well-known for its fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, which locals often freeze during the six months the farm is closed. When it opens, Miamians are happy to make the 30-mile trek to the Redlands.

The patriarch, Ray Knaus, a member of the Old German Baptist Brethren (similar in teaching to the Amish), died the summer of 2015, but his family has continued their tradition.

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