Free coffee at Luke's Diner pop-ups for Gilmore Girls reboot

Local coffee shops will become the Gilmore Girls' Luke's Diner for the morning.
Local coffee shops will become the Gilmore Girls' Luke's Diner for the morning.

It was always the heart-to-heart moments between mother and daughter at Luke’s Diner that made Gilmore Girls fans wish they could sidle up alongside them with a cuppa Joe.

Well now they can.

Wednesday morning, hundreds of coffee shops around the country will become Luke’s Diner for a day as part of a Netflix promotion for a four-episode reboot of the show next month.

Five South Florida coffee shops will give away their premium coffee to the first 150 guests, from opening until noon, or until the coffee runs out. Luke’s Diner signs will be in the window and the staff will be wearing Luke’s Diner aprons and ball caps.

The Miami-Dade county locations participating are Panther Coffee in Coconut Grove, Alaska Coffee Roasting in North Miami and Dirt on South Beach, where the owner, Nicole Votano, was a consummate Gilmore Girls fan.

“I was a fan, for sure, so it makes me super nostalgic,” Votano said.

Votano’s Dirt staff will be wearing their Luke’s Diner caps backward, because that’s how the character Luke wore it on the show. Dirt will give away their nitro cold-pressed coffee from Fort Lauderdale’s Argyle Coffee Roasters. Other locations will also be giving away their best cups of coffee.

“It’s the same super-high quality we serve every day,” she said. “I wouldn’t do it if it’s not something that goes along with what we do.

Panther Coffee founder Joel Pollock wasn’t a fan of the show, but when his young staff flipped at the news, he was glad to participate.

“People on our team were ecstatic about it, so we couldn’t say no,” he said.

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