Why the Hungry Black Man makes juice bar his pick of the week

Starex Smith's pick of the week: Raw Republic Micro Juicery (Korey Davis Photography)
Starex Smith's pick of the week: Raw Republic Micro Juicery (Korey Davis Photography)
The Hungry Black Man’s Pick of the Week: Raw Republic Micro Juicery 

Eating healthy has been a challenge for me most of my adult life. 

I love food so freaking much that most times I simply eat whatever satisfies my taste. However, entering my early 30s I’m trying to eat healthier so I won’t be messed up when I’m older, walking crazy and grunting just to get out of my car.

The main challenge is finding healthy options that are both filling and tasty, so imagine how excited I was to discover Raw Republic Micro Juicery in my own backyard in the City of North Miami Beach. Cousins and business partners Zack Stein, and Jordan and Jesse Gimelstein opened Raw Republic in Aventura, and now its second location is more than just a business, but an opportunity to leave a legacy of health and education.

Juices are the driving force behind Raw Republic (Korey Davis Photography)

I appreciate that its close to a very diverse community with both black and white locals converging to eat healthy and celebrate the blessing from our planet.

“We want our footprint to be a company that doesn’t spend tons of money on marketing, but to have our customers be educated on juicing and eating raw vegan foods that helps improve their well being,” Stein said as we walked through his immaculate kitchen with chefs chopping fresh vegetables and fruits.

Quinoa wraps are among the food options. (Korey Davis Photography)

After my brisk walk in my church shoes and no socks, I needed something a little light so we sampled the cold pressed juices. The juices should be used as a cleanse, but I was drinking these bad boys because they taste great! 

My favorite was the super refreshing and citrusy Sunshine, which included red apple, pineapple, orange and lemon that tastes like Sunny D on steroids.

It was super tasty despite all the veggies. The guys did their research because each juice is well balanced and consistent when it comes to taste with respect to the amazing healthy benefits.  Most of the juices sell for $7-$11. They’re also adaptable because I took the Sunshine home and put some Hendricks Gin with it and watched my Miami Dolphins win on Sunday.

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