This popular Brickell sushi joint packed up and moved out in the middle of the night

Sayonara, Brickell Doraku
Sayonara, Brickell Doraku

After a successful stint at Mary Brickell Village since early 2012, Doraku Sushi has suddenly closed. The original Lincoln Road location is still thriving after almost 17 years.

Benihana scion Kevin Aoki bought the mini chain from his family business back in 2006 for $536,000 and since opened a few more locations in Hawaii and Atlanta.

Unfortunately the Mary Brickell branch didn’t have the longevity of its South Beach sibling and, according to our Mary Brickell mouth, the place just packed up in the middle of the night and closed with no signs, no warnings, no nothing.

“Here today, gone tomorrow,” said our source, who added, “They just moved out during the night.”

We contacted the Doraku folks to find out what happened. Stay tuned.