Knaus Berry Farm is opening soon. Here’s how to win at cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon buns brings Miamians down to the Redlands.
Cinnamon buns brings Miamians down to the Redlands. FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Knaus Berry Farm, famous for its house-made cinnamon rolls in the Redland, reopens for the 2018 season on Oct. 30. Here’s what you need to know before you go. Video: Chloe Herring

Miami, your long summer of discontent is over: It’s cinnamon roll time.

Knaus Berry Farm, famous for its house-made cinnamon rolls in the Redland, reopens for the 2018 season on Oct. 30. The farm, a family operation since 1956, is an annual South Florida tradition.

The farm opens from late October to late April. And while it is a fully-functioning farm, offering fresh produce — including you-pick strawberries in the late winter — its cinnamon rolls are by far the biggest draw.

knaus berry farm
Meghan Gross, 9, left, Jennifer Gross, 6, and Ben Gross, 7, right, get a nose full of hot cinnamon rolls from Knaus Berry Farm, 15980 SW 248th Street in the Redlands, as dad, Tom Gross, holds their shakes in back. The seasonal farm draws returning crowds of people hungry for cinnamon rolls, baked goods, fresh vegetables, and strawberry shakes. Chuck Fadely Herald Staff

A warning, however: Lines can stretch to well over two hours during peak times. What are peak times? Certainly the first weekend the farm is open qualifies. Friday night and all day Saturday is sure to bring the masses down from Miami.

Here are some tips if this is your first time driving south for cinnamon rolls:

Come midweek

It’s not by accident Knaus first opens on a Tuesday. The number of Miamians willing or able to go into work late or leave early cuts down on the long lines. But no doubt the first day will rival Black Friday, no matter the day of the week.

Also, bring a folding chair. You’re going to be waiting a while.

Bring cash

There’s nothing worse than waiting in an hours-long line just to reach the front and realize you can’t pay for your food. Knaus Berry Farm is strictly a cash business. And there’s no ATM at the farm. Stop off at your bank first.

Cinnamon rolls cost $1.10 a piece, $5.50 a half dozen, $10.25 a dozen.

There’s more to the menu

It’s not just cinnamon rolls. The fresh-baked bread is the reason many folks make this trip a weekly, not annual, tradition.

The dinner rolls ($4.35 a dozen) are fluffy heaven. The dilly, raisin or mountain bread loaves ($4) have legion fans. And the coconut and pineapple upside down cakes ($10) are required.

Just love cinnamon rolls? Try the pecan rolls ($12.75 for a tray of 10). It’s the most overlooked upgrade to Knaus’ cinnamon rolls.

Try the shakes

In season, Knaus’ strawberry shakes are some of the best around. Lacking that, try the cinnamon roll shake — there’s nothing quite like it in South Florida.

Knaus Berry Farm, 15980 SW 248th St, Homestead

15980 SW 248th St, Homestead