Want free chicken? Pollo Tropical has a new way to make you beg

How strong is your chicken dance game?
How strong is your chicken dance game? MHS

Pollo Tropical is willing to give you more free food, Miami. But only if you dance like a chicken.

If you go into one of Pollo Tropical’s stores today (May 14) and dance like a chicken, the restaurant will give you a free quarter chicken meal with rice and beans. The restaurant claims this is National Dance Like a Chicken Day, which seems dubious until you realize there is a National Black Forest Cake Day and then all things seem possible.

But don’t try to get away with going through the drive through window. Nope. Your humiliation will not be complete enough to earn the chicken or even the rice and beans.

Pollo Tropical does seem to like to see its customers looking silly. Recently the restaurant offered free chicken wraps to anyone brave enough to recite a special wrap rap.

The chicken dance offer is good only from 2 until 7 p.m. Monday, May 14.

The following clip may offer you some inspiration on how to dance like a chicken: