Jugofresh is closing all its Miami stores. Here’s why.

It’s not easy being green. Especially when you’re the 6-year-old pioneering Miami juice hotspot Jugofresh. The business exploded from one Sunset Harbor spot to many more. Some were later closed, though several popped up inside Whole Foods locations around town.

Then yesterday, Jugofresh’s founder and CEO Matthew Sherman shut everything down, sending out and posting a candid letter to followers and fans. He cites lack of experience and an expansion that was too rapid as the reasons for the Jugofresh’s demise.

“The OG store in Sunset Harbour was magic. I have learned that you cannot bottle magic and that magic can only cover a lack of business acumen for so long,” Sherman wrote in his post. “At the end of the day, all failures of Jugofresh are mine. My lack of experience and the rapid expansion are what ultimately led us to close.”

Sherman also closed his restaurant, the Sunset Harbor spot Paradigm Kitchen, after seven months in April 2017, writing on Instagram,  “We just could not generate enough income to stay open.”

The good news is he is expected to join the other tenants at the yet to open Time Out Market on Lincoln Road.

JugoFresh Founder/CEO Matthew Sherman's post on why he has gone outta biz