Caviar launches Miami delivery service from Blue Collar, Miami Smokers and more

Although high end food events may be suffering from a bit of a fatigue (see: Cochon 555, whose ticket sales have paled in comparison to last year, and the Morimoto/Common Threads event, canceled allegedly due to a scheduling conflict), restaurants in Miami are booming and reservations at many are as elusive as Justin Bieber’s sparse facial hairs. Helping to keep you well fed but safely ensconsed at home in your own VIP La-Z-Boy is Caviar, the high quality delivery service launching Wednesday, April 15. Through it, you can eat like a king or queen at home with food by Blue Collar, Ms. Cheezious, Proof Pizza & Pasta, Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe, and more.


“I’ve always wanted Blue Collar to offer delivery, and many of our guests have requested it repeatedly,” said Daniel Serfer, owner and chef at Blue Collar, located in the Little Haiti section of Miami. “Until we linked up with Caviar, we never felt there was an option to deliver our food with the proper attention to service it deserves. Caviar has such excellent customer service and an impressive roster of restaurants that we feel really confident they can preserve the Blue Collar experience and deliver it straight to our guests’ homes. With Caviar’s streamlined app and friendly couriers, we can just focus on doing what we do best and continue to cook guest favorites, from our spicy oxtail, to our shrimp and grits. ”


The following is a list of restaurants offering Caviar service:

Blue Collar

Doraku Sushi

Ms. Cheezious

Proof Pizza & Pasta

Momi Gyoza

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe


Made in Italy Gourmet

Miami Smokers

Miam Café & Boutique


Bryan in the Kitchen

Viva Mexico y Algo Mas

NOA Catering

Kone Sushi

PM Steak and Seafood



And it’s easy as pie–or, er, caviar. Just place your order via their website or free mobile app and stalk it via GPS until it hits your door and ultimately your mouth. There are no minimums and a free first delivery After that, it’s a $4.99 delivery fee per order no matter the size of the order—whether you’re eating at home, with friends or the whole office. Tip is automatically included (18% of the subtotal), so that’s, er, uber convenient too.