That new Japanese restaurant with the hidden sushi room? It‘s got dining deals. (Yas!)

Azabu Miami Beach; photo/DeepSleep Studio
Azabu Miami Beach; photo/DeepSleep Studio

Famed Michelin-starred Sushi Azabu has touched down in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood with Azabu Miami.

Chef Masatsugu “Masa” Kubo brings much-needed omotenashi to South Florida — that is, a truly unique approach to hospitality that goes above and beyond expectations.

Indulge in offerings such as slipper lobster tempura and nori-seasoned fish cakes in the main dining room, or enjoy an omakase feast in Azabu’s hidden sushi room, The Den. At the bar, you can sip on inventive craft cocktails, unique sakes and more than 40 different imported Japanese whiskies. Once you pass through the subtle blue noren hanging outside the entrance, your journey begins.

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The deal

Sake lovers can sip their way across two unique flights. The Azabu flight includes Black Dot Sake, Tozai Ginjo and Oze no Yukidoke ($22). The Dassai Flight includes Dassai 50, Dassai 39 and a Dassai Nigori ($33).

For an intimate omakase experience, guests can sit in The Den and choose between multi-course tasting menus for $120 and $150. Each highlights both local seafood and imported delicacies delivered directly from Japan’s fish markets.

sakepresentation_Credit- DeepSleep Studio
Sake selection; photo/DeepSleep Studio

Something to sip

Made with spicy umeshu, Louis Roederer champagne and garnished with a dry chili, Azabu’s Bubu-San is the definition of “bad and boujee.” We love it for its bubbles, its kick and its simplicity.

Bubu-San; photo/DeepSleep Studio

Other sips

As beautiful as it is tasty, the smooth and aromatic Haru (Spring in Tokyo) blends Mizu lemongrass shochu, umeshu liqueur, yuzu, matcha tea and egg white ($15). In contrast, the straightforward Azabu Highball shines a spotlight on The Hakushu single-malt whisky, topped with soda and mint ($13).

Spring in Tokyo
Haru (Spring in Tokyo); photo/DeepSleep Studio

Something to savor

Start with the Tori To Ingen Goma-ae, a chilled mix of string chicken and green beans tossed in sesame marinade with green grapes ($8). Then try the Avo-Uni, a grilled half avocado topped with uni, soy sauce and a bit of wasabi ($22).

As an entree, opt for either the Sakura Pork Tonkatsu, a pork cutlet served with tonkatsu sauce and grated sesame ($21), or the 8-ounce robata wagyu filet mignon, served with truffle salt, ponzu with radish, and yuzu kosho ($80). Cap off your dinner with the ultra-Instagrammable Raindrop Cake, served with kinako powder and Japanese brown syrup ($9).

Robata Wagyu Sirloin Steak (1)_Credit- DeepSleep Studio
Robata Wagyu Sirloin Steak; photo/DeepSleep Studio
Raindrop cake

The recipe: Azabu’s Bubu-San

3/4 ounce of spicy umeshu liqueur

3 ounces of Louis Roederer champagne

Garnish with dry chili

Azabu Miami

161 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach