Let’s laugh at two locals who just discovered El Palacio de los Jugos

These locals had never been to El Palacio de los Jugos. (Matias Ocner/
These locals had never been to El Palacio de los Jugos. (Matias Ocner/

Look, we know not going to El Palacio de los Jugos until now is extremely lame. But we went. And we learned a few things and found plenty of reasons to go back again.

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Here are our takeaways:

It’s an actual cafe

One of us (Chloe) stupidly thought it was a tent. But El Palacio de los Jugos is a legitimate cafe. In fact, it’s a combination of various vendors who are ready to fill you up on some delicious, cost-efficient food.

A meal won’t break the bank

The food is fairly priced. And the serving staff do not skimp on portions. You want rice? Be ready for a plate full. Meat? They’ll give you more than you could ever eat. Ordering a combo? It’ll be enough to feed a family of four. And it will all be under $20.

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There is a lot of pork on the menu

Of course there is. This is the pork epicenter of Miami. We tried hard to order yuca without pork. It was not possible. In the arroz imperial, lying under the shelf of cheese and hidden amid the rice and chicken lurked a layer of ham. We are pretty sure the chefs even managed to sneak some into the mamey shake.

There isn’t much for vegetarians here, but what there is tastes good

The calabasa. The shakes. The empanadas – oh, wait, when we tried to order a vegetable one we got ham instead. Never mind. But the calabasa is next level delicious. Also please fry more root vegetables for us. We will eat all of them.

Even if your Spanish isn’t great, you can still order easily enough

Gesturing excitedly toward food you want to stuff in your face is the universal language.

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You have to try a shake

What can we say about the guanabana shake? We still can’t pronounce it, but we want to drink more of this sweet, creamy concoction. The only way to make it better is to put a little rum in it.