3.5 star review can't keep 27 open; Broken Shaker, restaurant shut temporarily at Freehand

UPDATE: 27 Restaurant has resumed regular dinner and brunch service. The following post reports what led up to the temporary closure. 

Just days after Herald restaurant critic Evan Benn awards it three and a half coveted stars, 27 Restaurant and Bar closed, as New Times reported.

This closure is allegedly temporary, due to “minor” permitting issues. But other changes are major: Executive chef James Seyba has left the hot restaurant and hipster bar. His duties will be assumed from within current kitchen ranks, says a rep.

The official statement from Freehand Miami: “Due to a minor permitting issue, 27 and Broken Shaker are temporarily closed – but will be back open very shortly. We are optimistic it will be resolved quickly, and we’ll keep you posted. ”

Stay tuned.