Watch out, Chipotle. Sergio’s is getting in the bowl game.

Sergio's Cuban
Sergio's Cuban

With its La Flaca menu, Sergio’s Family Restaurants introduced a healthier (and guilt-free) way to enjoy Cuban dishes. Now the group is experimenting with a new fast-casual concept, Sergio’s Cuban.

The first of 25 new locations will open at Florida International University and AmericanAirlines Arena. A retail outpost in North Miami will open later this month. The concept focuses on custom meals prepared in front of guests, who build their own bowls, platters and sandwiches.

Sergios Cuban4
Breakfast at Sergio's Cuban

And if all you need is an afternoon pick-me-up, you can order up a Nitro Cafe Con Leche — served on tap.

“While the core concept is rooted in Cuban culture and tradition, there is an exciting evolution in the healthier customizable menu and environment that promises a diversity beyond what you will find in the traditional Cuban restaurant,” said Carlos Gazitua, CEO of Sergios Cuban.