Shikany restaurant in Miami closed until further notice

Deconstruct this: Michael Shikany has resigned as executive chef of Shikany, citing irreconcilable differences with the partners of Shikany. 


It’s been a long, strange trip since New Times reported late last month that Shikany, the 10-month-old molecular-gastronomy restaurant in Wynwood, had gone dark with nary an explanation beyond “plumming issues.”

Shikany (the chef) and his parents, co-owners of Shikany (the restaurant), aren’t talking about the closure. A publicist for Shikany (the restaurant) confirmed that Shikany (the chef) has stepped down from his role.

It’s unclear whether the restaurant (which received a three-star review in June) will reopen, whether it will change its name if a Shikany isn’t in the kitchen, and what the chef’s next step might be.

Customers, meanwhile, have taken to the Interwebs to grumble about the restaurant’s lack of transparency through the process.

“I showed up the night of the reservation, and the place was closed; no sign explaining why, or how long they’ll be closed,” a Yelper wrote on Jan. 30. “How can the restaurant not offer an explanation on their voicemail, on the web site or at their door, and how can they still be taking reservations via OpenTable? Inexcusable.”